Julia Lepiochina

Sexologist, Sex Educator & Sex Coach

Hey there, 

my name is Julia and I am a sex coach, spiritual guide and passionate facilitator. I work with couples, individuals and groups around the globe via video and in person. 

I am helping people around the globe to find their sexual happiness, through their own authentic sexual rhythm.  

that will change the way you experience sex and life FORVER!

what is Sexual Happiness?

When your heart, your body and your actions are in alignment with your desires.

- healthy, intimate and pleasurous  sexual intercourse (sex)

open and trustworthy communication

- sexual confidence

- sexual acceptance and acceptance of others

- trust

- body comfort

-passionate experiences

- intuitive  sexual rhythm 

- when everyone involved is satisfied 

- shame and guilt free

- celebratory 

- fun and adventurous experiences (whatever that means to you)

As a Sexologist My Job is

- to give you tools that are fitting your relationship(s), your unique schedule and your unique life so you could experience happy sexuality

- to help you to learn and build honest, trustworthy communication

- awaken self confidence and acceptance 

- teach you how to create passionate experiences

- help you to experience sexual pleasure

- teach you to be intuitive, powerful, passionate lover

- help you to love yourself

- teach you how to have not just better sex, but sex that you are excited about

Coaching for singles, individuals, couples, partnerships. 

Personal sex coaching packages

How does your sexual happiness look like? 

Do you feel your intimate life is in great shape?

"Julia is my hero, she truly leads from her heart. I am very private person and always ashamed to be judged. But this woman opened me up like no one ever before even my husband. I felt safe and absolutely accepted for who I am. Julia helped me to see and experience my beauty and power of my sexuality. I feel comfortable in my body and enjoy sex with my husband. That is a very new and magical experience to me.Thank You so much."  - Ana 37, New York

that will change the way you experience sex and life FORVER!

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