SexThentic circles are designed for open and vulnerable conversations and explorations in save space. Through respect, acceptance and responsibility we encourage sexual liberation and sexual empowerment. 

In our space discuss topics like body image, body empowerment, BDSM, sex in relationship, sexual traumas, sexual believes sex under the substance, orgasms, pleasure, sexual fluidity, and much more. 

"I never in my life felt so safe talking about sex. For the first time I felt free to share my thoughts and did not feel judgement at all." - Eva, 28

"Julia is so joyful and makes the whole experience so easy and fun. I think talking about this topics is so important and we do not talk enough about it. Learned a lot." - Jurgita 32


"This workshop has given me a new perspective about sex in its entirety. It even gave me confidence in myself, my body and the way I desire sex going forward." - Stephanie, 21