Hey there!

"I am a sex coach on the mission to transform the way people experience sex and sexuality. Trough acceptance, love and celebration, I am creating world where everyone feels respected, safe and included. I teach people communication, confidence and celebration around own sexuality and life.

I am Julia Lepiochina
Why you chose to be a sex coach?

This is one of the most common questions I get. And I always say, I did not choose it. It chose me. 

I was not dreaming about becoming a sex coach nor did I wrote about it on my "I when I grew up I want to be essay" in school. 

But what I did know since a young age is that I want to help people to find their happiness. 

And the way came to me. Through lots of inner work, I was able to step into the path that Universe held for me.

Sexologist, Sex Educator and Sex Coach
for me sex coaching is

for me sex coaching is freedom coaching .


I have been doing sex coaching full time since 2017. Loving every single moment of it. 

Based on the results and feedback I am on the "right path" I feel very comfortable and grateful for the opportunity to serve others in finding their sexual happiness and freedom of being who they are. 

It is not a job for me. It is my soul's commitment. It is my lifestyle. It is who I am, not what I do. 

I help people to get their sexual voice back and awaken pleasure in every conversation I am a part of.

today...how my daily life looks like?

Each of my mornings starts with morning ritual. Not because I am so saint, but because for it the most important part of my day. Grounding myself, connecting with divine and tapping into higher intention of the Universe. 

Following with hot yoga class and sometimes green juice and sometimes black coffee. 

and then it starts =) My days look very differently. But today usually include: me leading classes, workshops and work with clients around the globe. Every day I guide people in 3 languages. English, Lithuanian and Russian. 

Either through leading meditations, recording podcasts, working one-on-one, facilitating groups, writing texts. 

Currently I am located in Tampa Bay Florida (after 15 years of living in NYC) and I take often work trips to Europe and other states.


I work with people live in downtown Tampa and virtually from any spot on the planet. 

When I do not work, I love spending time with my family and friends. I love running away to NYC and enjoying cup of coffee in the lower side of Manhattan. Browsing through St. Pete's Saturday morning market and bringing home sun flowers. I love spending time back home in Vilnius.