3 Ways to Reconnect With Your Own Sexuality

Sexuality is not all about sex. Matter of fact sex is only one aspect of your sexuality.

Huge part of your sexuality is your relationship with your own body. You can start by getting curious and asking these series of questions

1. What is my relationship with my body?

Am I loving it, or hating. Am I praising or thinking negative things about it. Am i taking care of it or beating it up, and choosing damaging behavior. Am I listening to what my body has to say, or acting spontaneously, in reaction. What is that i feel shame for?

2. What is my relationship with my genitals?

Am I pretending they don’t exist, am I mindfully pain attention to it. Am I ashamed of talking about my genitals, calling it names, not looking at it. If my genitals would talk, what would they tell me…What i am ashamed of?

3. What is my relationship with my period (if you have one)? Relationship with not having one?

Do I think periods are gross, dirty or divine and sacred. Do I feel powerful by having one or cursed. What I am ashamed of?

Questioning and journaling or talking to someone is a great start of healing and sexual awakening journey.

Magical, deep and transformational sex does not happen without self work. Your sexuality starts with you and within you.

In order to reconnect with your sexual roots, you want to start looking deeper into your relationship with your body, your sexual wounds, sexual believes, your sexual choices and behavior. You want to see what is authentic to you, to find your own sexual rhythm. Start peeling those layers off. Embrace who you are fully.

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash