5 Ways of Sexual Self-Care

Sexual self care is important, because it allows you to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF again, and again and again...

There are physical sexual self care such as regular checks in, muscle work, reproductive health. But there is sexual self care that is part of our holistic growth as humans beings.

Many of us have sexual traumas, some of us have strong sexual ego and most of us lack sexual education and growth. Today we can see more and more sexual development happening, but there is still more to be accomplished.

We have tendency to put out sexual and spiritual health on automatic, giving away own responsibility around it. But the truth is that we have to take ownership around our sex and sexuality. Otherwise we should not expect to have a healthy and outrageous sexual life.

Here are few sexual self- care practices beyond physical, that will empower and transform you as a sexual being.

1. Sexual Acceptance

The way our society functions today it pushes us to hide and feel shameful about our sexual desires, sexual fears, and sexual freedom. Acceptance is a big part of self care and sexuality is not an exception. Most of us have desires we are not sharing, experiences we are not trying, sides of ourselves we are not embodying.

2. Sexual Forgiveness

Sometimes we walk around with experiences, that we never looked into. Forgiveness is a journey of acceptance and gratitude. Many of us are walking holding to past traumas, or choices we made that we are mad at ourselves, or people who hurt us. All of that affects our energy and our health. Most of us have experiences where we can use some sexual forgiveness. Be it either to ourselves or others.

3. Sexual relationship with self

What is your sexul relationship with self? Do you appreciate and love your body, do you take time to enjoy your food or coffee, do you have a masturbation practice? Inside of that relationship do you allow yourself to dance and be silly when you alone. How often you touch yourself just for the sake of love? Our sexual relationship with self strongly impacts our relationship with our partners, our spiritual and emotional health. It is how we experience ourselves when we walk down the street and and in the bedroom.

4. Getting your sexual voice back

Sexual voice is your right to verbal sexual expression. However, absence of that voice is most common issue most of my clients deal with. Most of us lost our sexual voices when we were young, causing us sexual disempowerment. how does absence of sexual voice look like in daily life?

Some of the examples:

Not expressing your sexual desires or discomforts with partners

Being ashamed of using sexual vocabulary

No being able to say "no"

Not verbalizing your sexual concerns

Feeling discomfort talking about sexual topics

Feeling menstrual shame

Being quiet during sexual intercourse

Why sexual self care is important?

  • By taking care of our sexual health, we are taking care of our core energy that impacts all areas of our life.

  • Because you are wholistic being, by ignoring your sexuality you are impacting your life on physical, emotional, mental, social levels.

  • It teaches us to speak about healthy sexuality with our kids and partners

  • We learn to communicate our sexual desires and discomforts

  • Allows us to experience pleasure in sexual relationship and other areas of our lives.

  • Takes away our sexual shame allowing us to live fully in all areas of our lives

  • Mitigates STI's and STD’s

  • Supports us in building intimacy in relationship

  • ALLOWS US TO FALL IN LOVE WITH OURSELVES again, and again and again...

If you need any support on your sexual growth journey, give yourself permission to ask for it. Schedule your session here, and we can start diving into your healing and liberation.