Can abortion impact your sexuality? It can, and it can do it in many ways. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

We all are different, each of us is different in different times of life. There is no identical impact, and there is no identical healing.

But there are many of us out there, many of us who made it through alone, who had to figure ourselves out, who full of shame and guilt lived through the choices that we made. Some of us are living with wounds so deep we do not even know it.

Since, my own experiences (you read my story on IG) I was able to help many women to go through theirs. Unfortunately, many people who do not have same experience or who are having hard time holding space for others, might not be the best support for women going through terminations. Most women who reached out to me felt alone, not supported and not understood. I know this feeling very well.

Therefore, I want to mention few long term implications, that can occur after abortion. Of course they all vary case by case, it matters on how did you get pregnant, how supportive you are and other circumstances. But few things I found most common working with women:

Few common things that impacted sexualities of many women:

  • Many women share to have stronger cramps (sucks big time)

  • More frequent doc checkups are recommended (time & money)

  • Fear of unprotected sex (effecting your pleasure)

  • Fear of getting pregnant &/or fear of not getting pregnant(very common, many times subconsciously)

  • Fear of having ill child

  • Disconnect from own body (causing eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders)

  • Blame, shame, guilt (price we pay personal freedom, happiness, and peace)

Of course healing does not occur overnight. It takes time and needs to occur on physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is a journey, but it is here for you.

Healing will allow you to:

  • Heal relationship with your own body, reconnect with it on a deeper and more loving level

  • Get back to your faith and trust again, creating acceptance and humility

  • Freed your up from subconscious fear and alerts during sex, allowing stronger sense for your pleasure

  • Accept yourself as you are, with all choices and flows and release self judgement

  • It will create empowerment over your sexuality, body, sex, choices and sexual behavior

If you have experienced pregnancy termination, I will encourage you to do some work. We all are different, and there is no right or wrong way, but in my experience working with women I find, that more than less has the mark left. Some bigger than others, but it is always

If you need help stepping into your sexuality, discover new thing, or just reassurance that you are normal get an hour session with me and together we will create magical experience for you. I do phone sessions and skype sessions.helpful to let go of things that are stopping us from being divine self.

Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash