How Strong is Your Sexual Voice?

Sexual voice is your right to verbal sexual expression. However, absence of that voice is most common issue most of my clients deal with. Most of us lost our sexual voices when we were young, causing us sexual disempowerment.

how does absence of sexual voice look like in daily life?

Some of the examples:

  • Not expressing your sexual desires with partners

  • Being ashamed of using sexual vocabulary

  • No being able to say "no"

  • Not verbalizing your sexual concerns

  • Feeling discomfort talking about sexual topics

  • Feeling menstrual shame

  • Being quite during sexual intercourse

what are the causes?

Multiple events and experiences can impact your sexual expression. Several but certainly not limited to

  • Not talking about sexual topic while growing up

  • Being shut down when asking about sexual topics

  • Sexual Traumas

  • Physical and verbal sexual abuse

  • Experience of shame

  • Social conditioning

  • Hearing from parents/guardians that talking about sex is inappropriate

  • Learning that sex is dirty

  • Religious and spiritual teachings....

  • Media impact

  • Lack of sex education or shame based sex education

  • Feelings of being objectified

  • Fearful sexual experiences


  1. Sexual Illiteracy

  2. Not being able to speak about healthy sexuality with our kids and partners

  3. Not experiencing pleasure in sexual relationship

  4. Sexual shame not allowing us to live fully

  5. STI's and STD's

  6. Lack of orgasms

  7. Lack of intimacy in relationship

  8. Sexual Discomfort creating distance

  9. Loneliness

  10. Disconnect from self and others

  11. Missing on all the fun and joy sexuality holds

  12. Living inauthentic lives

How strong is your sexual voice? Can you easily express your sexual desires and sexual fears?

What is missing? How do you use your sexual vocabulary?