3 Very Important Relationships In Women’s Life To Work On In 2020

Women's Sexuality

Hi girlfriend, have you noticed how many different relationships we have in life? Pleeeeeeenty. And each of us prioritize them differently, and it might change as we go through life too. I know mine changed for sure. When I was younger, I though my most important relationships are with my partner and distance family.

As time went, I discovered new relationships and kept choosing what works the best for me. Today my number one relationship is with my source. But there are other relationships that make a daily impact of my mindset, my behavior, my feelings and my life. And therefore, they hold not less of an importance.

We do not speak enough about importance of relationship with other women, with our birth givers, nature, movement and many more.

I choose following 3 because I believe they play a major role in womanhood and women’s growth and are present in every women’s life.

All three hugely impact women’s comfort, confidence and freedom. They also played a big role in my life.

  1. Relationship With Food

When we speak about food, we mostly speak about how to eat less, how not to eat certain foods or how to eat more of a certain food. Most conversations come either from restrictions, or from guilt. Something that nourishes our life is taken with such a heavy beat.

When woman transforms her relationship with food, she transforms her relationship with self. It is about giving permission, about acceptance, about care. It is about feeling your body and honoring what it wants.

Take a deeper look, what relationship you have? Is it love/hate? Do you abuse food to run away from your feelings? Do you find comfort in food? Are you addicted to sugar or overassessed with healthy eating? Are you constantly restricting self? Are you compulsively over indulging?

2. Relationship With Money

Yes, girlfriend. How you feel about some money? Guilty, ashamed? Having no right to have more? Not deserving? For years women been disempowered around financial conversations. Idea that women have to make less than men, that is not their job to work, that women need to be small in the world. If you imagine rich woman, what comes to your mind? Devil wears Prada type bitch? Or no family no kids, lonely ranger?

Truth is not many of us imagine nice, normal, caring woman when we think of rich. Or at least not right away. By, transforming your relationship with money you transform your relationship with choice. You give yourself permission to be who you are, or who you want to be. Not what is expected, not what will please others, nor what is the” right thing”to do. It becomes all about what you want. About you taking your power back.

Maybe you want to be Devil wears Prada type, or maybe lonely ranger or maybe your ideal is Oprah or maybe philanthropist no one herd about. It is your choice. You heal your power to chose boldly and loudly.

3. Relationship With Body

I will be repeating this until, every single woman on the planet will know it in her sleep! Our body is our home, our source of wisdom, our carrier. Our energy lives inside of our body, our emotions and feelings live inside of our body. Our pleasure and desires live inside of our body.

When we ignore, abuse, dismiss, hurt, shame, hate, our bodies we are creating blockage for being authentic self, living from our power, and connecting with our source.

We are running after fake life, we are putting masks, we are living in race with selfs, and in comparison with others. We are focusing on fixing self. We are constantly in need for external validation. We live from fear instead of love.

Once we transform our relationship with our body, we stop trying to fulfill ourselves with external needs. We start feeling that all what we need is inside of us. We feel home. We feel full and complete. We can now focus on creating instead of fixing. We are coming from desire instead of fear.

If your body would be your partner, what feedback it would give you? How you think they would feel?

All 3 of these relationships are very important. You might notice that they strongly connected to shame and one’s disempowerment. There is more to this, and there is certainly more to the women’s sexual empowerment, pleasure and authentic living. But if you will take a look into what is your relationship with food, money and your body I guarantee you will find space to crate more love and I guarantee you, that this love will transform your life.

Take time to love yourself

Love is Freedom🕊


Much Love and Joy

Happy J.