Why Being Single is a Great Time to Explore Your Sexuality?

When working with single women, many of them share concerns about

  • What is the point to do it if I am single

  • What if I will become this super sexual women and what will I do with it

  • I don’t have a partner to practice my sexuality with

I want to start with sharing that Dr. Patrick Carnes said in his book “Sexual Anorexia”, because when I read it gives me so much joy I love it.

The common denominator of sex and spirituality is the search for meaning. Sexuality and spirituality connect through meaning. As we deepen our understanding of ourselves, of others or our planet and all its myriad life, we heighen both our spirituality and our sexuality. The deeper and more meaningful our sexuality, the more we touch the mystical. Our search for meaning weaves the strands of relationship, self, spirit, and sensuality/sexuality together.

And that is why you can and you should explore your sexual journey even if you are single. It is a lifetime journey, and no matter where you are in your life, everyone can use some sexual growth.

If you find yourself thinking or feeling any of the following

  • Not comfortable being naked

  • Not comfortable talking about sex

  • If you had past negative sexual experiences

  • If you feel being always in your head

  • If you are having hard time or being uncomfortable around people with different sexual orientations, gender identifications, alternative romantic life styles, or different partnership styles

  • If you are triggered by certain sexuality ideas

  • If you carry shame for past sexual experience

  • If you feel discomfort in self pleasuring

  • If you experience your pleasure and joy being dependent on other people

  • If your self love is selective based your weight, finances and other people

  • And you have anxiety around your own sexuality........

There nothing wrong with any of it, and it is individual choice to keep holding to it or to allow some new sexual ground. But it is my responsibility to let you know that all that holds us back from being free, from experiencing internal sexual liberation. And the trap is that, any sexual blocks create blocks in all the other areas of our life.

Once you begin working on beliefs and experiences that are holding you back. You start finding a meaning behind all that that, meaning that serves purpose in your own personal transformation. As spiritual beings, then can experience very clearly connection between sexuality and spirituality.

By, choosing to step into your sexual awakening you are choosing to step into

1. Connection and Acceptance of self

As Henri Nouwen described it is a “transformation from loneliness into solitude. The ability to be with one’s self, it is a fundamental acceptance of who we are as individual human beings”. Once we accept who we are sexually, bodywise, desirewise, nondesirewise, we experience peace inside, being in alignment with whole.

2. Then we can accept others around

We can start living in compassion and unity. Instead of creating pain for others, we create safe space for everyone to belong, to feel included, to know that we all matter. That every sexual being belongs on the planet with own unique sexuality, own unique body, own unique desires and darknesses

3. Now we can feel connection to something bigger

We feel we are not alone, we feel how sacred inside of us is guided and supported. We see it with our open hearts and connection.

And all this allows us to live our authentic sexual lives. When we are single wa can focus on creating this magical space for our sexual growth. We practice compassion, self touch, we awaken devine inside so we could always feel whole and complete. It is a freedom from being dependent. It is a freedom from attachments.

And being a master of own sexuality you can bring it to any relationship you want, and share your magic heart and all the other parts of your juicy body with partners who are ready to receive it.

Your own seuxality is your

  • Conversation with self

  • It is how you experience self in life

  • It is about your passion to life and yourself

  • It is a level of your desire to yourself

  • It is your attitude to life

  • It is your relationship with growth

  • It is about how much you want to fuck yourself!

Be free my dear.

If you need any support on your sexual growth journey, give yourself permission to ask for it. Schedule your session here, and we can start diving into your healing and liberation.