Julia Lepiochina 

SEX COACHing for women

Difficulty experiencing an orgasm (with or without a partner)

Desire for enhanced pleasure

  • Feel that there is more in sex than you are experiencing?

  • Feel that something is missing in your pleasure?

  • Tired of pretending to enjoy sex? Or pretending how good it is?

  • Don’t even understand why everyone is hype about it? It is just sex…

Negative Feelings Around Sex or Intimacy

Performance Anxiety

  • Keep thinking about how it need to look like?

  • Scared of messing it up?

  • Don’t feel aroused thinking about getting naked with other naked body?

  • Sex is more scary than excited?

  • No time for this nonsense 

Experiencing lack of sexual desire?

  • Life is too busy to have sex

  • Do not feel like wanting sex at all

  • Experiencing low libido

  • Low sexual "drive"

  • Experiencing fatigue 

Having unusual desires? Getting aroused by pain or not usual sexual or non sexual activities? 

Having shame or guilt around any sexual activities or fantasies

  • Experiencing though of not being normal

  • Thinking that there is something wrong with you

  • Thinking you are alone "this way"

  • Do not know how to talk about your experiences or desires with partner

Sexual shame is a very common feeling. And most human beings experience it at some point in lives. However, if it is on the way of your freedom and happiness, you get work on it. You deserve to feel liberated, and be empowered by your sexuality. 

Abortion recovery

If you have experienced pregnancy termination, I will encourage you to do some work. We all are different, and there is no right or wrong way, but in my experience working with women I find, that most have the mark left. Some bigger than others, but it is always  helpful to let go of things that are stopping us from being divine self. 

Sexual orientation confusions, questions, desires? 

Fantasizing about same sex people? Or have been gay and have confusing attractions towards other genders? Straight and have desires to try anal experiences? Want to have add more partners to a sexual experience, but don't know what it means to your identity? Any thoughts or fears that are causing you confusion, lets talk. Let's create your own authentic sexual life where you experience happy sexuality. 

Sex coaching for women is an exclusive exprience to heal your wounds and believes about yourself. To create freedom, confidence and empowerment around your sexuality.