Sex Caching Testimonials  

"Julia is my hero, she truly leads from her heart. I am very private person and always ashamed to be judged. But this woman opened me up like no one ever before even my husband. I felt safe and absolutely accepted for who I am. Julia helped me to see and experience my beauty and power of my sexuality. I feel comfortable in my body and enjoy sex with my husband. That is a very new and magical experience to me.Thank You so much."  - Ana 37, New York
"Julia is an amazing sex coach. She gets right to the point, unapologetically and lovingly at the same time. She helped me to see life from a completely new angle, her energy is so inspiring and empowering. Don't even think twice, Julia will transform your sexual life, your experience of yourself and your life. She is a coach every woman deserves to experience."  -  Briana 31, New York

I am helping my clients to

Build Sexual Confidence

Grow Sexual Creativity

Expand Sexual Communication

Sexuality Workshops Testimonials  

"I never in my life felt so safe talking about sex. For the first time I felt free to share my thoughts and did not feel judgement at all." - Eva, 28
"Julia is so joyful and makes the whole experience so easy and fun. I think talking about this topics is so important and we do not talk enough about it. Learned a lot." - Jurgita 32
"This workshop has given me a new perspective about sex in its entirety. It even gave me confidence in myself, my body and the way I desire sex going forward." - Stephanie, 21

"Creating ease in a group can be a challenge no matter the topic, but when it’s about sex and intimacy, well most people are used to remaining quiet. With Julia, there’s a non judgmental, non pushy energy which has everyone suddenly and deeply sharing. The workshop I attended did not seem academic or like a lecture in any way, and yet I came away with so much knowledge. At the same time, while none of it felt too hallmarky or new agey, there was an easy and quick sense of community and lovely sharing. Julia is gifted at her work, and most importantly and of such value, she walks her talk. Her work comes highly recommended." - Dana, New York

"After receiving complimentary book at Sexthentic Circle I began work right away, it helped me discover SO MUCH. I was shocked to realize that I never asked myself most of these questions. For the first time I saw how I am putting my own desires and pleasure on the side. I though I liked to please my partners, in reality I just wanted to be liked and was afraid to be abandoned. These questions are so important, I learn so much about myself." - Sasha 37, New York