SEX COAChing for people in recovery

Many people who identify to be recovering from dependencies mentioned above find to share following experiences 

  • Undesired sexual experiences

  • Body image issues

  • Hard time being intimate

  • Sexual, verbal or physical abuse

  • Sexual manipulation

  • Compulsive sexual behavior

  • Loss of sexual voice 

  • Fear of sexual expression

  • Sexual shame

  • Abortions or miscarages

All of that and others things strongly impact our sexual lives. And sexual recovery is a big part of any recovery. 

Coaching for people in recovery from substance abuse, codependency, love addictions, sexual compulsion.

Sober Sex and Sex in Recovery

Use to have drunk sex or intoxicated sex. Having hart time having sober sex and getting into sober dating. There are sober dating sites, but is not always easy to step into intimacy and vulnerability you have been hiding from for years. I do coach people in recovery to awaken their sexuality, reconnect with their emotions, desires and their bodies. During usage psychological, physical and spiritual parts of sexuality got damaged. It is time to take it back. Your sexual happiness is your human right.

Many times sex in recovery includes

- shame for past choices or experiences 

hyper-sexual feelings

- sexual anorexia

- sexual obsession

- fear of sexuality

- lack of sexual vocabulary and communication

- lack of boundaries

- sexual numbness 

- discomfort of "unusual" sexual desires or fantasies

- shame or fear of kinky desires

- disconnect with own body