Julia Lepiochina 


What's a Sex Coach?

Why Sex Coach?

A sex coach is someone who supports you with your sexual and relationship life. So, you can heal your sexuality, learn more about sexuality and own your sexual nature. 

Sex Coach is your guide to overcoming erotic barriers, improving your pleasure experiences, and helping you to  create peace and joy with your sexuality. 

Sex coach is trained to guide you through your concerns, without blame, shame or judgement. So, that you can share your intimate life in comfort and trust. 

I help my clients to get out of shame and guilt, that we all accumulated through years into liberty of being who they are sexually and intimately.  

My work is designed to support you in feeling free, joyous, and empowered. 

Every sex coach has own approach and style of working with clients. Not all sex coaches are created the same. And there is no standardized way of being a sex coach. 

I take a holistic approach that holds sexuality, not a single act but as a nature of your life that impact and is impacted by all areas of your life.


I work with my "7 Principles of Happy Sexuality" that I developed based on working with people more than 5 years.  

After working with me, my clients experience transformation not only in the bedroom, but in life as whole. Their relationship with themselves and others change, they experience an increase in vitality and passion in life. 

I lead my clients to live orgasmic lives, inside and outside the bedroom.

Most of us can use some sexual guidance.  There is no limit to good sexual education, intimacy skills, sexual communication, and sexual fulfillment and happiness.   

Who might benefit from sex coach?

My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. 

But they all want to improve their experience in the bedroom, have more fulfilling relationships with their partners, and enjoy their sexual lives to the fullest.


Sex coaching is about learning to have honest & authentic communication.

Expressing your desires unapologetically, learning to be intuitive lover to your partner and yourself. It is about learning to enjoy your own sexual rhythm, and creating anxiety and fear free sexual life. 

Sex coaching is for people who feel

that there is more

who does not feel happy with own sexuality or sexual experiences,

for people who do not want to settle for what it is

who want to feel free, happy and sexually fulfilled